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Golf Club Trade In

Golf Club Trade In

Swing First wants your old clubs!

If you have old golf equipment that you no longer need, we would love to buy it from you, or better yet, you can trade them in for clubs we have in stock for maximum value. Receive a 10% higher value when you trade in clubs for in store credit or towards a previous purchase! Our trade in values are 10%-50% higher than our competitors and if you find a value higher somewhere else, let us know and we will match or beat it, guaranteed*!


The process is simple:

1. Fill out form below with necessary info including brand, model, condition, etc. and click send.

2. We will contact you very shortly with a price quote.

3. Once a price is determined and you have decided to sell you clubs, we will send a prepaid Fedex shipping label to ship your clubs to us.(All quotes include shipping. If you would like to use your own shipping method, please let us know and we can adjust quote). Then simply pack your clubs securely, adhere shipping label to the box and take to nearest Fedex shipping location.

Terms and conditions:

  • We only accept clubs from name brand companies. Please no knock-offs, clones or off brand clubs.
  • Golf clubs need to be in good condition and playable. If clubs have any defects which affect performance, we cannot accept them.
  • If clubs have been alterated in anyway from original manufacture specs(shaft changed, loft or lie alteration, etc.) then please state this in notes section of form.
  • Iron sets should have at least 5 consecutive clubs and contain at least one wedge. If set does not contain a wedge, we will consider purchasing, but values might be affected. Sets that have less the 5 clubs or are missing a club will be valued as single irons.
  • To receive 10% bonus on trade in, credit must be used for in store purchases or can be applied toward previous purchase. Credit must be used within 90 days or toward a previous purchase made 90 days prior. To receive 10% trade in bonus, purchase price must be equal or higher than trade in value.
  • Payments for golf clubs sold to Swing First will be made via PayPal or company check. For payments made by company check, payment will be mailed first class mail. Payments for trade ins toward a previous purchase are refunded to credit card used or to PayPal account.
*Check out prices being paid by our competitors. Keep in mind that we cover your shipping cost(most don't include shipping) and this is included in quote.

Click here to sell or trade your used brand name golf clubs